Designing luxurious livable spaces

High-end residential or commercial interior design and decorating is available for all project sizes. From new construction to remodels, hourly rates are provided or you can customize a full service package. E-design services, priced per room, provide KDD clients with curated shopping guides and personalized attention, while being more budget friendly.



Creating one of a kind experiences

No event is too small to think about the details. Whether you are celebrating a marriage, anniversary, birthday party, or other special event KDD can help bring your vision to life. We will make the creative process fun and effortless. The end result will be a beautiful event that you will never forget. Event planning is only available in full event design packages.


Interior staging for real estate

If you have decided to sell your home and need it to look its very best bringing in a outside perspective can be a great idea. Let KDD rearrange existing furniture to highlight spacecs, stage new furnishings, update paint colors to match whats on trend, or just style the home for open houses or private tours. Staging is a great way to target ideal buyers that you get the price you are hoping for.

Let's Begin

We look forward to hearing more about your special project. Contact us and let’s discuss.